A relationship is here to make you conscious instead of happy - Eckhart Tolle


Twin Flame Journey

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Becoming a member of the Twin Flame Journey™ VIP Community is the best way for you to take your connection with the Divine to the next level by joining this exclusive community of like-minded souls where you will receive regular channelled insights and experience shifts and transformations as well as access to courses, webinars and resources to help you step into conscious relationships, attract in a soul mate or step into twin flame union.  By becoming a member of the Twin Flame Journey™ VIP Community you will:

  • Gain clarity on your needs and desires around love

  • Learn about the difference between soul mate relationships and twin flame connections

  • Understand how to cut ties and let go of past relationships and intense karmic connections influencing or interfering with your current relationships or preventing you from moving on

  • Learn simple techniques to help you connect more deeply with your authentic self, stand in your own power and create and maintain healthy boundaries in your relationships

  • Become aware of any fears, resistance, blockages, debris and negativity creating challenges around attracting and maintaining healthy loving relationships in your life

  • Understand how to shift and transform limiting beliefs, stories and patterns holding you back and sabotaging your ability to fully open your heart

  • Learn how to create and hold a safe space for love to flow, physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually by establishing solid foundations of trust, respect, intimacy and communication in your relationships

  • Gain tools and techniques to help you clear and heal emotional baggage (emotions) that may be weighing you down and draining you and keeping you stuck in your love life

  • Understand how you can balance giving and receiving, sensuality and pleasure and your divine feminine and masculine energy

  • Learn how to close and transcend cycles, soul contracts and energy loops that keep you attracting the same challenging situations, experiences and prevent you from manifesting a healthy loving relationship

  • Become aware of how to strengthen the connection between your higher self, soul mate or twin flame as well as your intuition so you trust and stay in flow with love and your Divine partner

  • Gather practical tools and techniques you can use to help you align your thoughts, emotions and actions with your needs, wants and desires around love so you can move towards a soul mate relationship or come into union with your twin flame 

  • Plus much more ...

Note:  Topics and exercises will be guided by Spirit and be based on what is required for those in the group each month.

What a grand thing, to be loved!   What a greater thing still, to love! - Victor Hugo

for only $99AUD per month

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(under $25 per week - less than a coffee a day!

Your membership to the Twin Flame Journey™  VIP Community includes:

  • LIVE Twin Flame Love Cast providing insights into the Twin Flame collective energy for the month ahead as well as opportunities for you to ask questions, seek support and guidance from the Divine and your Higher Self to help you align with more love in your life

  • LIVE Keys to the Heart Webinars each month to provide knowledge, insights and techniques on various topics to support you in shifting, transforming what you are experiencing in your relationships

  • Monthly Meditations & Heart Transmissions taking you on a journey of healing, transformation, clearing, connection and alignment to support you in embracing healthy loving relationships in your life

  • eCourses and a library of resources to support you around love, relationships, soul mate and twin flame partnerships

  • Early invitations to events and retreats with VIP members only discounts and giveaways

All LIVE sessions will be held on Fridays at 1.00pm (AEST, Brisbane, Australian time).  If you are unable to join the LIVE sessions, you will be able to watch the recordings and replays through the exclusive VIP Members area.  Leanne may also invite special guests and experts to join her in the Twin Flame Journey™ VIP Community to share their experiences and offer insights​ throughout the month as guided by the Divine.

Once payment for your VIP membership has been received, you will receive an email confirmation within 48 hours containing full details about accessing the VIP members area.

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