Mirror of the Soul®

VIP Group Coaching Program

After years of walking my spiritual path, connecting with Spirit and the Universe for my own personal, professional and spiritual development, I have worked with and talked to thousands of people around the world and know how important your dreams and desires are to you. 


Whether your dreams are for good health, love, healthy relationships, romance, intimacy, family, children, career, business, money, spiritual development or all of the above, I believe that they have been given to you for a reason ... because you are the one unique soul who has the skills, talents, abilities and passion to be able to create them.  Why else would they be given to you?

I also know how hard and frustrating it can be at times to stay focused, to be able to shift your thoughts, to let go of baggage from the past, to know what you need to do next, where you can go for support and encouragement and how to keep the momentum going.  Life gets busy, unexpected things happen, you come across an obstacle, a challenge, resistance or someone doubts you and you begin to doubt yourself.

That is why I created this exclusive Mirror of the Soul® VIP Group Coaching Program ... to provide you with all you need to allow Spirit and the Universe to help you stay focused, aligned, excited and passionately committed as you manifest your dreams and desires into reality within a beautiful group of supportive like-minded souls.


Is this for me?

Spirit and the Universe have guided you here because you are ready to ...

Gain clarity on your dreams, visions and goals​ as well as insights into how you can focus your energy and attention to bring them into reality​

Learn how to quieten your mind and connect more deeply with your authentic self, your intuition, the Universe, Spirit, your partner and others

Understand how to shift and transform limiting beliefs, stories and patterns holding you back and sabotaging your progress

Learn how to clear, heal and surrender emotions and experiences from the past that are weighing you down so you can move forward

Become aware of any resistance and blockages and how you can flow through them with ease, grace and joy​

Understand how to stop attracting the same situations, challenges, experiences and relationships in your life

Gather practical tools and techniques you can use to get your thoughts, emotions and actions into alignment with your desires

Learn how to open to synchronicities so you can receive resources, support and take the actions needed to create momentum towards your dreams

Plus much more ….

Whether the dreams and desires you want to manifest are around love and relationships, career, business, finances, health and well-being, your spiritual development and life purpose or a combination of these areas, if you are ready to say YES to consciously manifesting your dreams with Spirit and the Universe then this VIP Group Coaching Program is for you!


My first experience at group couching with Leanne's VIP Mirror of the Soul Course has been fantastic! I was sure, in the beginning that it was the right choice for me, but also apprehensive about sharing all my sh*t and business with almost complete strangers. One of the most treasured gifts i have received from doing this course is finding another part of my tribe. Leanne and our fellow course participants created such a warm, welcoming, loving and healing space during our 6 weeks that, in some ways it was a huge disappointment when the last week finally came around as i had come to truely love connecting with these ladies each session and helping support us all through our challenges, learnings and massive insights. I have learnt so much during 6 weeks and will continue to do so as i utilise the tools and skills Leanne has empowered me with to further move myself towards my authentic self and turn all my dreams and desires into my reality. I highly recommend Leanne and her course for anyone committed to creating real change in their life no matter the area of focus. I can not wait until my next opportunity to connect with Leanne and my tribe!

Bel - 15 September 2021




Ready to take the leap?

Investing in this amazing group coaching program is not only an investment in getting your sparkle and passion back, it is an opportunity for you to step up and grow, embrace your confidence and show up in the world as your abundant, successful and loving self!

I am blessed to have witnessed so many people completely transform their lives when they choose to invest in themselves and get focused, aligned, excited and passionately commit to allowing Spirit and the Universe to guide them in manifesting their dreams and desires into reality.


I trust Spirit and the Universe has guided you here for a purpose... whether you want to focus on love, relationships, career, business, finances, health and well-being, your spiritual development and life purpose or a combination of these areas.  The choice to invest in yourself and your dreams is all yours...

My next Mirror of the Soul® VIP Group Coaching program provides you with the opportunity to receive channelled insights and guidance, be taken through meditations, clearings and activation processes as well as support from a community of like-minded souls to inspire, motivate and keep you on track to manifest what your soul needs, wants and desires in life. 

Your 6 week VIP Group Coaching Program includes:

24/7 access to your exclusive VIP Group Coaching page

6 x 1 hour LIVE channelled group coaching sessions on key topics to support you to look into your soul mirror and manifest the life you need, want and desire

6 x 30 minute LIVE momentum sessions to keep you focused, motivated and directing your energy towards successfully manifest your dreams

1 x Mirror of the Soul eBook containing exercises and journal prompts to support you in confidently manifesting with the Universe

Transformational, clearing and alignment processes

Coaching support via email and private WhatsApp chat

A safe container of 10 people maximum to connect, share, ask questions and learn from a community of like-minded souls

Note:  All sessions are recorded and made available for those unable to join LIVE and for you to watch again for further insights




Sign Me Up!

Yes, yes, yes ... I am excited and ready to take the leap to invest in myself and my dreams!  Sign me up for the next intake starting:

Next Intake:  Tuesday Evenings from 6:30pm - 7:30pm AEST /5th October - 9th November 2021

Spirit and the Universe have guided you here for a reason, so kick your shoes off and apply for the 5th October 2021 Mirror of the Soul® VIP Group Coaching Program, by simply clicking on the Apply Now button below:

Once your application for a space in the VIP Group Coaching program has been received, you will receive an email within 48 hours with further details.


Register your interest in the next intake in February 2022 by providing your details below and you will be the first to know when enrolments open!

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