Hi, I am Leanne, The Barefoot Medium® .... it is such an honour, gift and privilege to connect with those who have passed over to Spirit and become the bridge between you and your loved one(s) to communicate and pass on their messages of support, peace, forgiveness, joy and love.  I am also passionate about bringing together my spiritual gifts with over 20 years of professional experience in senior management, curriculum development, web design, training, mentoring and education to support and empower in coaching programs that help you transform and move forward in all areas of your life and manifest your dreams.  Kick off your shoes and allow your intuition, heart and Spirit to guide you to the Services, Programs, Courses, Retreats and Products that will support you on your journey.


Leanne offers mediumship or psychic readings, twin flame and soul mate channelled readings FACE-TO-FACE as well as ONLINE or via PHONE which are amazingly accurate, powerful and transformative experiences.


Leanne's Shifting your Sh*t to Manifest your Dreams© coaching programs are intended to support and empower you to transform your life whether personally, professionally or spiritually to bring about the changes you desire in your life.  Whether around love and relationships, career, business, finances, health and well-being or your spiritual development and life purpose, this is your ultimate Personal, Professional and Spiritual Development coaching program

Events & Appearances

Leanne is an experienced and well-known Platform Medium who has been bringing people together with their passed over loved ones in public settings and from the stage at events, festivals, expos and exhibitions for many years  She also makes appearances to share wisdom, knowledge and practical tools to transform and shift personally, professionally and spiritually in talks, conferences and with organisations (large and small).


Leanne's is the Executive Director of Barefoot Academy, a registered training provider which offers certified courses and training to support you in your personal, professional and spiritual development.  All certified courses are recognised in over 27 countries throughout the world and are offered in-person or online.


Leanne offers transformational retreats for those of you who are going around in circles, stuck, confused or struggling, lost connection with yourself, your purpose and sense of direction and ready to shift through fears, limiting beliefs, emotions and patterns of behaviour that are holding you back so you can manifest your dreams.


Leanne's has a range of products including books, tarot and oracle cards, meditations and essential oils available to support you on your journey of personal, professional and spiritual development

Barefoot TV

Leanne hosts and produces Barefoot TV where she together with her guests from all over the world, share knowledge, wisdom and insights as well as practical tools and techniques to support you personally, professionally and spiritually as well as to consciously manifest all that you desire in life.  Watch episodes of Barefoot TV on the last Wednesday of each month at 7.30am Australian EST time (Tuesdays 4.30pm US EDT time, 1.30pm Pacific time, 10pm UK time).

Barefoot Radio

Leanne hosts and produces Barefoot Radio where she and other leaders, conscious practitioners, spiritual advocates and experts from all over the world share insights, wisdom, practical tips and strategies to support you in shifting and transforming limiting stories and patterns, embracing what brings you into connection with your authentic self, consciously manifest and create what you desire and grow in all things Love, Soul and Spirit. Tune into Barefoot Radio 7.30am on the first Thursday of each month Australian EST time (Wednesday at 4.30pm US EDT time, 1.30pm Pacific time, 10pm UK time).



Thank you doesn’t do justice for what you and the Mediumship Masterclass have done for me, not only from a professional viewpoint, but personal growth as well. I will admit there were a couple of weeks, I wasn’t sure I wouldn’t give up, but your absolute faith in my ability to move through it was enough to keep me in class and working on it.  I have gone from feeling like the “weird one” who doesn’t know what is happening when voices and visions come through, to knowing my connection to Spirit and being able to work with them. I am no longer the weird one, but the blessed one.  Thank you, thank you, thank you! Thank you for holding space when it was difficult, thank you for showing up for me both inside and outside class, thank you for taking the time to check in with me when things got crazy on my journey, thank you for developing and teaching this course, thank you for trusting and honoring your connection with Spirit, which has allowed you to teach me the tools and techniques to trust and honor Spirit too! You rock Leanne! Thank you.


Amanda (3 September 2019)

Leanne, The Barefoot Medium, Barefoot Academy 2015  

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