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Leanne, The Barefoot Medium

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Kick off your shoes & get Barefoot with Spirit!

Welcome, I'm Leanne, The Barefoot Medium® a gifted and highly sought after International Medium, Trance Channel, Twin Flame and Transformational Coach who is blessed to connect people from all over the world with their loved ones who have passed over, work with the Universe and Divine to support people to step into healthy relationships, sacred partnership and divine union as well as align through thoughts, emotions and actions to manifest what your soul needs, wants and desires in life.  Wondering what the Barefoot thing is all about? 


Medium's Lounge


Kick off your shoes & join me in this sacred community where you can connect, transform, expand and gain support!

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Exclusive Guest Interview

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Monthly Universal Energy Forecasts

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LIVE Messages from Spirit

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On-Demand Programs & Courses

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Audio Meditations

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Digital Downloads

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Gifts & Exclusive Offers


with Spirit

Podcast & Blogs

Kick off your shoes & check out my latest Podcast episodes & Blog posts!

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