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Leanne, The Barefoot Medium

Welcome ...

Kick off your shoes & get Barefoot with Spirit!

Leanne, The Barefoot Medium

I am Leanne, The Barefoot Medium® a gifted and highly sought after International Medium, Channel, Twin Flame and Transformational Coach who is blessed to connect people from all over the world with their loved ones who have passed over and bring my cheeky, honest and compassionate personality to providing you with clarity, guidance and encouragement to help you connect with Spirit and the Universe, come into union with your Twin Flame and manifest what your soul needs, wants and desires in life.

Wondering what the Barefoot thing is all about ... ?  I do all of my work with Spirit barefoot - I came into the world without shoes and I will go out without them, so why not?  Also, like many of the indigenous cultures throughout the world, I believe our feet were designed to press against the Earth, they are our connection to Pachamama.  Our feet allow us to be present in the moment and feel the energy shifts, transformations and what is about to manifest beneath them so we can respond accordingly.  I have taken many adventures in this lifetime (and the ones before), some easy and some more challenging, what I have discovered is that our soul continues when we leave this world and that we are here on this Earth to experience, create and love life!

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Barefoot with Spirit Podcast ...

Barefoot with Spirit Podcast

Barefoot with Spirit Podcast shows are filled with authentic and deep channelled leading-edge information about all things spiritual including love, relationships, business, money, health and well-being, purpose, spiritual development and more to help people as they walk their path in this lifetime.

This is not your usual podcast, with insights and information shared during each episode intended to help you to connect with the self, your intuition and Spirit, profoundly transform your experience and empower you to align with the Divine, the truth of who you are.

Latest Episodes

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