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Leanne, The Barefoot Medium

Leanne, The Barefoot Medium

Rapid Psychic Readings ...

ONE (1) Question Only


​Leanne offers amazingly accurate rapid psychic readings which allow you to ask ONE (1) question and receive a recorded message to provide you with clarity, insight or guidance to help you move forward and make decisions in your everyday life, whether around home, relationships, family, career, business, finances, study, health and well-being, life purpose or your spiritual path. 


These readings are great if you are at a crossroad and need direction or if you feel stuck and need clarity around on a particular situation, relationship or experience.  They may also include tools or processes to help you clear limiting beliefs, stories, heal emotional baggage and transform sabotage patterns so you can move forward feeling confident, worthy and loved. 


All readings will be voice recorded and delivered via MP3 file directly to people’s email in-box normally within 3-5 business days with the following investment:

$80AUD for 1 question

Note: All questions must be submitted at the time of ordering and must be reelated to the person submitting the request.  Where no question is provided you will receive a general reading to support you at this point on your journey. New orders must be submitted for any additional questions.

You will receive a further confirmation email with details about how you will receive your reading after you have completed the order process.

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