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Leanne, The Barefoot Medium

Wall of Love ...

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​In my experience, you are one of the world's best psychic mediums!! Darlin', the stuff you brought through for me personally, there was no way you could have known. And professionally, the way you work with such integrity - it's a no brainer.


Just a quick update to let you know we had our beautiful baby boy 10 weeks ago and he is thriving at life! Thanks again for your Spirit Baby session! :)


Leanne is like no one else I have ever been too.  Her guidance, accuracy, wisdom and connection to Spirit is one to be experienced and highly valued. I have been lucky enough to have had a few sessions with Leanne and every single time we end the session I always leave feeling empowered, loved, supported and able to shift my stuff I wholeheartedly and highly recommend Leanne for everything she is a bloody legend :)


Leanne’s coaching - Wowsers!! She is a gifted coach who helps you get to the heart of the issues you are working through. Utilising her Divine connections, life experiences and thoughtful questions, she will support you in doing the work. Will it always be comfortable? Hell no! Will it be worth it? Hell yes!! There were also great suggestions for tools and techniques to help me to do the work. Seriously, you are THE best coach I have ever had!