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Leanne (5/2/2021)

 Thank you for your meditation (Automatic Writing with Your Spirit Guide). I tried it out this afternoon. I am fairly new to automatic writing.... Today’s session was incredible. Still blown away by how it works. I will definitely keep this in my favorites folder. I wrote about a page....So much resonated. I was completely blown away by this today. All of this is so beautifully amazing. Thank you for your meditation. It really helped me so much! Leanne

Lauren (25/6/2020)

 Leanne’s meditation around manifestation created a full shift within me surrounding my thoughts around money in particular. I listened to it over a week-long period and during the third time listening I had attracted a client who had paid in full for a session the next day. By the end of the week I also had attracted customers for products without having to outlay any effort.

Belinda (1/5/2017)

Leanne's 'Shifting your Shit' book allows you to move through your 'stuff' gently and easily in your own time. Leanne's approach, and the way it's constructed and written is easy to follow, nurturing, compassionate, empathetic and supportive, allowing you to shine in your own way

Erin (9/7/2017)

 In my 11 years experience using Oracle cards and affirmation cards for myself and readings for others. I found Leanne’s cards quite effective, from the action, emotions, thoughts and tarot deck. They are easy to use and can be blended together as one collective, which is very rare for different types of deck cards to work together in a spread. A must have for working with spirit.

Caroline (30/6/2017)

 Psychic Development: Divination Tools and Techniques is a foundation tool to understand and explore the psychic techniques inherent in all of us. Leanne The Barefoot Medium provides guidance and a practical approach towards self-discovery of your gifts and the tools you can use to better your understanding. Highly recommend

Sharon (Oct 2015)

Leanne, thank you so much for the Sacred Self Meditation. I have been listening to, it each morning over the past week. The first time I listened to it I cried when I made the connection. I have found that each time I listen to the meditation I have found subtle changes within myself. The changes appear quietly and gently. I have found a couple of times that I have not wanted to come back to the present as it is so loving and peaceful where I find myself during the meditation. One morning I did not listen to the meditation and I felt the whole day a little off kilter. I am beginning to realize how important it is to meditate each morning and take the time to connect with not only my sacred self but my Angels and Spirit Guides. So a big thank you once again.

Thank you for the clarity and insights

Sarah (30/9/2020)

Loved this podcast Being Real and Vulnerable in Relationships) so many great insights and light bulbs ... Thankyou to you both so grateful

Janine (5/8/2020)

Thank you ,thank you ,thank you, Leanne & guest. Amazing, just amazing and validating. God bless both of you. I am truly touched deeply. (Medical Intuition Episode 56) 

Trap (26/2/2020)

Excellent video. Keep it up! Looking forward for more videos from you, don't stop! (Growth & The Comfort Zone)

Sophia (April 2020)

Brilliant interview (Being the Best Version of You), it is all about asking the right questions, be specific! Thank you for sharing your wisdom

Pippa (April 2019)

... great laugh! Thank you both for an awesome show (Universal Language 11:11) - Pippa (April, 2019)

Learning & Insights

TV & Podcast

Maria M (25/1/2019)

Great speaker. Awesome entertainment. Beautiful bold woman standing in your truth, sharing from love and authenticity

Maria (Feb 2019)

Great speaker. Awesome entertainment. Beautiful bold woman standing in your truth, sharing from love and authenticity (Attracting Money) 

Steve (Feb 2019)

To me it’s the same at mark 20:47 . I totally resonate and feel that’s the message I am receiving since the 11:11’s plus healing and empowerment and finding your many life purposes on this planet and learning then to teach and help others transform !! (Universal Language 11:11) 

April (Feb 2019)

Great viewing and interesting information (Twin Flame Guidance) 

Pippa (Feb 2019)

Great video . A good reminder. Thank you (Authenticity v's False Self)

Faith (30/4/2018)

Thank you for the clarity of knowing when I am honouring my authentic self and stepping past fear to do what is light and right for me


I really enjoyed doing this interview Leanne! You're a real pro! Thanks - James Goi Jr. (15th Nov 2018)

I loved being a guest on Barefoot TV. Leanne has beautiful energy and carries much wisdom. She really understood my message and our conversation had great synergy. It was a powerful experience for me, so I suspect the audience benefited as well - Lucinda Bakken White (19th Oct 2018)

Leanne was a joy to talk with. An articulate, interested and very caring host, her concern for this very important topic and communicating it in the most effective way to her audience came through very clearly. I am looking forward to working with her further - Phil DeLuca, The UnTalk Therapist (22nd Aug 2018)

Leanne is a welcome voice in the new age field. Honest, kind, humorous and so connected, she expertly blends the worlds of logic with spiritual knowing. Her interviewing style is open-hearted and I felt very fortunate to have been invited onto the show. It's like she can read your mind, her questions are so appropriate and engaging. Thank you Leanne, you're making the online world a cleaner, more present, place - Sarah Anderson (nee Yip) (9th Aug 2018)

I was honoured to be a part of the Barefoot TV program and your natural warmth made a nervous newbie very much at ease and I thoroughly enjoyed the experience, thank you.  I watched the episode and really enjoyed it! Thanks - Tracy Dorreboom (5th July 2018)

Thanks again for a very very pleasant experience. Anytime you want to do another show just let me know. - John McGrail (20th June 2018)

Thank you for the clarity of knowing when I am honouring my authentic self and stepping past fear to do what is light and right for me - Faith (30 April 2018)

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