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Leanne, The Barefoot Medium

Mediumship & Channeling Events...

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Leanne’s Barefoot with Spirit:  Mediumship and Channeling Events provide you with the opportunity to experience the loving energy and transformational power of Spirit as she connects the living with those who have passed.

During these events, Leanne will connect with Spirit to bring through confirmation evidence that the soul continues after we leave this world, receive healing as well as guidance and clarity around work, career, business, finances, love, relationships, twin flame or soul mate connections, health and well-being or your spiritual development.

You will also have the opportunity to speak directly to Spirit, asking questions about experiences with Spirit, what happens when we pass, past lives, akashic records, soul contracts, magic, shamanism, gods, goddesses, angels, archangels, law of attraction, Universal spiritual laws, karma, plus much much more. 


Whether family members, groups of friends, a mix of both or complete strangers, no event is ever the same, with Spirit having a way of bringing people together in these intimate events for a reason, that is often only revealed once the readings are underway. 

During these 2 hour events, Leanne will do her best to provide each person with a reading, providing a beautiful opportunity for the group to experience first-hand the privilege, honor and gift to be able to communicate with loved ones who have passed as well as support to move forward in various areas of life while in a safe, supportive and intimate environment. 

Note:  Please remember, Leanne does not predict the future - as it is never set in stone - and cannot guarantee communication with a loved in the Spirit world, or any particular loved one as this is controlled by those in Spirit.

If you are ready to experience the loving and transformational power of Spirit, be reconnected with your passed loved ones, receive answers to your questions and messages to support you in your everyday life, kick off your shoes and reserve your space at the next Barefoot with Spirit: Mediumship and Channelling Event:

DATE & TIME: To be advised

VENUE:  To be advised

INVESTMENT:  $55 per person (includes champagne and chocolate after the event*)

Once your booking has been finalised, you will receive a further confirmation email within 48 hours of your booking with full details.

* Note: Bookings are essential for seating and catering purposes.  No alcohol is permitted prior to or during this event.

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