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Leanne, The Barefoot Medium


Readings & Sessions...

Leanne, The Barefoot Medium

Psychic Mediumship Readings

During a psychic mediumship reading, Leanne will connect with your passed over loved one(s)  becoming the bridge between the two worlds allowing you to receive evidence, confirmation and the gift of peace, comfort and love from knowing they are still connected to you. During your reading you may also receive guidance and clarity about circumstances, situations and experiences in various areas of your life.

Spirit Baby Sessions

During a Spirit Baby Session, Leanne connects and communicates with the soul of babies yet to be conceived and those still in utero to bring through guidance, insights and messages for their parents-to-be. 


Mirror of the Soul® Alignment Sessions

During a Mirror of the Soul® Alignment Session, Leanne will channel insights, guidance and practical strategies to help you align with and manifest what you desire with the Universe by looking into your Soul Mirror. If you are struggling, feeling blocked or unsure why you have been unable to create the change you want in your life, whether around home, love, relationships, family, career, business, finances, health and well-being, life purpose or your spiritual path, these sessions are for you. 

Sacred Flames® Alignment Sessions

These Sacred Flames® Alignment Sessions provide you with channelled guidance and insight from the Divine to support you in navigating the twin flame journey, whether you are currently in energetic and/or physical connection or clearing and healing through soul mate or karmic relationship(s).  These sessions will support you to reclaim and embrace your true self, who you are at your core, as well as help you understand the energy surrounding you and/or your connection with your Twin Flame and/or Soul Mate. 

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