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Leanne, The Barefoot Medium
Leanne, The Barefoot Medium

Medium & Inspirational Speaker...

Leanne is an amazingly accurate medium with powerful stage presence and a cheeky personality who has been honoured to share her gifts for connecting people with their loved ones who have passed over from the stage throughout the world.  She is also a confident and passionate speaker who is able to easily inspire audiences as they connect with their intuition, authentic self, twin flame and soul mate as well as shift limiting beliefs and inner blocks, perceive life in more empowering ways and transform in the moment through powerful down-to-earth insights:

Speaking Topics ...

Leanne loves to share her gift for mediumship or speak on a variety of inspirational topics including:

Connecting with your Intuition, Guides and Loved Ones in Spirit

Love, relationships, soul mates, karmic relationships and the twin flame journey

Self love, setting healthy boundaries and embracing your authentic self

Shifting, healing and transforming limiting beliefs and inner blocks holding you back from living the life you deisre

Looking into your soul mirror to manifest the vision for your life that your soul needs, wants and desire


Booking Request

To book Leanne for your next podcast, conference, event, workshop or retreat, whether as your Medium, guest interview or panelist, inspirational/keynote speaker or to conduct workshops for you, your organisation or team, please complete the information below.

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