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Grief through the passing of a loved one, forever changes you, it opens your heart and brings with it a hidden gift for you to acknowledge how much you loved, for without love, grief cannot exist. 

Psychic Mediumship Reading

During these readings, Leanne connects with your loved one(s) who have passed over to Spirit, becoming the bridge between the two worlds that allows you to receive evidence and confirmation that the soul continues to survive after they leave this world.  Leanne knows firsthand the impact, healing and gifts of peace, comfort and love that can come from being able to receive messages that your loved ones are still connected to you and is honoured to hold this sacred space for you as you communicate and feel their presence one more time. There may be a specific person or people that you would like to connect and communicate with, please be aware that it is up to Spirit who comes through during your reading and remain open to who wants to step forward for you and allow the connection to unfold naturally as it is meant to.  Leanne understands that Mediumship sessions can be emotional and brings through information in a compassionate, loving and down-to-earth way that brings comfort, peace and love as you are reunited with your loved one(s) in Spirit. You may also receive insights, guidance and clarity about circumstances, situations and experiences in various areas of your life during these readings, whether love, relationships, family, home, career, business, finances, study, health and well-being, life purpose or your spiritual path.


 All readings are available LIVE online via Zoom video conferencing or via Phone (Whatsapp) worldwide for either 30 minutes or 1 hour and are amazingly accurate, powerful and transformative experiences where you may be connected with passed over loved ones, gain ​insights and guidance from your Guides, receive channelled messages from Source, the Divine to support you with specific life issues, choices and decision making, as well as strategies to support you in moving towards the best and highest outcomes for your future. 

30 minute Readings $120AUD 

1 hour Readings $195AUD

Once your booking has been made, you will receive a further confirmation email together with details of about how to access your online or phone reading session.

If you would like a recording of your reading, please let Leanne know at the beginning of your session and it can be made available to you afterwards for an additional $15. 

Note:  Leanne does not predict the future - it is never set in stone - rather you have free will and what comes through may change based on the decisions you make within your life. 


 I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart for the reading. It was one of the most emotional experiences of my life - I felt like a truck had hit me afterwards. It took until the next day for my body and brain to function normally again - but it was worth every second of that exhaustion.  You were so spot on, so absolutely beautiful in the way you showed your emotion and it was just an amazing experience - one I will never forget!  Bron (20 July 2020) 

 You blew my mind with such specific details regarding a friend of mine that had passed, details that only people present at the time would have known.  I cannot thank you enough for your time, love and compassion, for holding the space and helping me to connect to myself and my loved ones. Amazing! Jen (2 July 2020) 

 ​In my experience, you are one of the world's best psychic mediums!!  Darlin', the stuff you brought through for me personally, there was no way you could have known.  And professionally, the way you work with such integrity - it's a no brainer

Sharon Tregoning (30 July 2018) 

Leanne has the most incredible gift. The way in which she communicates with our loved ones has to be experienced to appreciate her very special abilities.  Thank you Leanne, you were kind, compassionate and sensitive.  You helped both my husband and I with our grief, and also helped us find direction when we were lost.  Sending much love and gratitude your way.

Shirley Biggs (27 February 2019)

I've had a number of readings with Leanne, with good reason, she is a fantastic medium! Leanne is not only extremely gifted, but a beautiful medium who has bought the opportunity for growth, release and connection through her readings. I waited 30 years for my Dad -who passed while I was quite young- to connect, and when he did, it was emotional to say the least. Leanne bought clear, accurate information through from him, even identifying one of my children which Dad guided her was so very much like him. Unbelievably accurate! Thank you. 

Amanda (29 May 2019)

Thank you for my amazing reading today. I came in today with a heavy heart and feeling overwhelmed with everything that’s going on in my life. I immediately felt a connection with you and I feel like I found myself at peace with myself, my life and my future going forward.  Thank you it was an absolutely blessing to meet you and I am eternally grateful. 

Kelly V (8 April 2019)

I had never reached out to a medium before and I was very skeptical, didn't know what to expect and I'm not much of a big believer. I took a leap of faith. Leanne was just the most loving and understanding person, she just talked to me and helped me clear up my mind with help from my spirit guides who seemed to be asking me really pivotal questions. Mom communicated a little at the end and it was heartwarming to feel her presence. The session was genuine, honest, and I felt like Leanne had my best interest at heart. I enjoyed it, and will book again.

Catalina (December 2018)

Leanne was very understanding and kind during my session with her. Before the session I had a fear of spirits. Leanne helped me conquer that fear, and also got me interested in finding out more about my abilities. Not only did she help with my fear, she helped give me guidance on the things going on in my life and was very black and white in telling me what I needed to work on. Throughout the whole session she was compassionate and I left feeling happy and content.

Diahn (24th September 2018)

Thank you so much for a positive and detailed reading! The reading eased off my worries.  I like your approach to answer a question by tackling it from all angles.  It focused both on my present and future.  Also, it provided me with tools to make changes and live my truth by making decisions using free will.  The message was delivered beautifully and gracefully.  It lifted my spirit and gave me hope for my issue/situation.  

Raman (31 October 2018)

Love the hands validation, one of my favourite photos I have of Mum is just of her hands. Thank you for giving that blessing to me today. Thank you for being our Messenger xx 

Fiona (23rd Feb 2017)

Thank you so much for finding the time to talk to me.  I haven’t purposely sought out anyone for reassurance when it comes to Lewis {Marnell, Australia's legendary skateboard master) because I know he would point me in the right direction when the time was right.  And as always my time here in Qld has provided me with the head & heart space to reflect & heal.  I received not one, but 2 journals from my nephew & his partner, for xmas, with no apparent prompting, so my writing Journey has begun, my healing & growth, spiritual mental & emotional are all being aided by my angels, my loved ones and the special ones I meet by chance.

Janet (December 2013)

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