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Leanne, The Barefoot Medium

Coaching Programs ...

Leanne's Mirror of the Soul® Manifesting Coaching Programs are offered worldwide for those of you who are ready to create powerful transformation and change in your life so you can align more fully with your dreams, visions and goals in life. Throughout these programs you will receive a combination of channelled insights from Spirit, processes and practices used by the indigenous Kogi people in South America as well as practical tools and techniques gathered in over 30 years of experience.  Whether you want to manifest new work, career or business opportunities, loving relationships, self confidence and a deeper connection to self, financial abundance and prosperity, attract more clients, improved health and well-being or anything else,you will learn simple proven step-by-step practices and techniques to help you consciously manifest with ease.


Mirror of the Soul® Coaching Programs

For Individuals & Couples

These Mirror of the Soul® Coaching Programs will take you on a 3 month journey of self-discovery where you will experience shifts in your beliefs, vibration and patterns to align you with the frequency of what your soul needs, wants and desires in life.


These programs are for those who are looking for more in life, are at a crossroads, navigating sudden change, struggling with relationships or situations in your life or are ready to dive deeper into your connection with self, your gifts and the Divine.

Mirror of the Soul® Group Coaching Circles

For Individuals & Couples

These Mirror of the Soul® Group Coaching Circle ... offered over 12 months provide you with all you need to allow Spirit and the Universe to help you stay focused, aligned, excited and passionately committed as you manifest your dreams and desires into reality within a beautiful group of supportive like-minded souls.


These group programs are for those who are looking for support and encouragement to stay focused as you shift your thoughts, let go of baggage from the past, gain insights into what you need to do next and help to keep the momentum going. 

Whether you are wanting to focus on your health and well-being, love and relationships,  family and children, career, business and finances money, your spiritual development or all of the above, these group coaching programs are here to support you to manifest your dreams!


Sacred Flames® Coaching

For Individuals & Couples

Leanne's Sacred Flames® Coaching Programs are offered worldwide for those of you who are ready to create powerful transformation and change around love, relationships and intimacy so you can come into Divine Union and create healthy loving relationships in your life.  Being a Twin Flame in physical union, Leanne understands how past relationships, limiting beliefs, sabotage patterns and fear can create resistance and hold you back from experiencing healthy loving connections. Whether you are single wanting to attract a loving partner, are in a soul mate or karmic relationship or you are navigating the Twin Flame journey, these Coaching programs are intended to help you heal and transform so you can embody the Divine and spark the Sacred Flame within you.

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