Leanne, The Barefoot Medium

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Mirror of the Soul® Alignment Sessions...


During a Mirror of the Soul® Alignment Session, Leanne will channel insights, guidance and practical strategies to help you align with and manifest what you desire with the Universe by looking into your Soul Mirror. If you are struggling, feeling blocked or unsure why you have been unable to create the change you want in your life, whether around home, love, relationships, family, career, business, finances, health and well-being, life purpose or your spiritual path, these readings are for you.  You will receive insight into the current energies surrounding you, help to become aware of any resistance, blockages limiting beliefs and sabotage patterns, situations or experiences to be shifted, cleared and transformed so you can move forward.  You may also be provided with guidance around external interference or influences affecting you, doorways which may be closing as well as be given support to make decisions and choices to allow you to step into new opportunities and pathways that are opening.  Trust if you have been guided to this reading, the Universe, Divine, Source, Spirit has brought you here to help you align and manifest the vision for your life that your soul needs, wants and desires.

All sessions are available LIVE online via Zoom video conferencing or Phone worldwide for 1 hour and can be booked using PayPal or Debit or Credit Card:

1 hour Session $350AUD

You will receive a further confirmation email with details about how to access your online or phone reading within 48 hours of your booking.

* If you would like a recording of your session, please let Leanne know at the beginning and it can be made available to you afterwards.




Thank you for that session, it was so beautiful and full of love. I will work on what you said to me. I feel so in the right path now.

I just wanted to thank you again for today.  I was worried about spending the money, but it was more than worth it.  We both needed to talk to you and you’ve helped both of us immensely.



I think the best way I can describe my experience with Leanne is she is the ultimate healers healer! As an energy healer, counsellor and psychic medium myself, I felt I was across all the tools and healing I needed. But the truth is, despite 10 years of self enlightenment work and many modalities of healing I was out of balance and couldn’t get to the root of why.   Leanne blew me away by getting to the crux of what I couldn’t see for myself and instantly shifting it! By helping me see from a new perspective  areas I thought I had already done all the work on and healed, we unlocked the closed door that was keeping my energy stuck and stopping me from embracing my dreams and desires!  So much has shifted and I am so grateful for the amazing work Leanne does!! It has improved every aspect of my already wonderful life and empowered me where I knew I wanted a shift but couldn’t seem to enact it.  Thank you Leanne: you are truly gifted and I think every spiritual worker/healer could benefit from your wonderful healing and wisdom!  With so much gratitude and love

Leanne, Thank you for sharing your time, energy and the spirit space with me to work through some of the energetic blocks that I had. Whilst I knew they were there, I was having trouble articulating what they were and didn't know how to shift them. The messages you shared with me were personal, supportive and empowering - they really resonated. Some straight away as we were talking -  and others, which I came to understand as I reflected on our reading. I enjoyed connecting with my passed over loved ones and with the little souls I have around me. The affirmations you gave me have really helped me to feel centered and connected.  I look forward to a follow up reading with you in the future.



From the moment you connect with Leanne you instantly feel safe and secure. Instantly you are dropped into what you need to hear and taken along the journey of uncovering the blockages in your life.  I have been able to express and heal things with Leanne that I never thought I could heal or even share with anyone. Each session continues to help expand myself which is allowing me to improve every area of my life. Thank you so much to Leanne for sharing her gift and assisting me in uncovering mine.


Thank you. I appreciate your time and information. This has been an enlightening journey and your words have made it brighter. This continued transformation within brings love and light daily. I look forward to checking back in with you in the future. My road map of "being" is clearer as I sit with what is. I am. I look forward to the whole process as I take it moment by moment. Blessings to you and yours Down under Until we chat again


Thanks for those practical tips on how to let go! In particular I loved your explanation on how we can give voice to something and maybe even more so hold the space for others to.