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Leanne, The Barefoot Medium

Mirror of the Soul® Event...

In-Person Manifesting Events


I trust Spirit and the Universe has guided you here for a purpose... your heart knows what you desire and has guided you here to support you with the knowledge, wisdom, tools and practical techniques you need to bring your dreams into reality!

I know there are times in life where you are at a crossroads or unexpected things happen, you come across an obstacle, a challenge, you struggle and feel stuck, confused or disconnected, experience resistance and you doubt yourself.  I also understand that life gets busy, that’s why I have created these retreats to provide you with the time and space you need to receive support and encouragement to stay focused and move forward.

Throughout theses Mirror of the Soul® Events you will be taken on a unique journey of exploration and transformation where you will connect into your Soul Mirror to experience shifts and transformations so you can begin consciously aligning with the Universe and manifesting what you desire in life.

During these events, knowledge amd insights with be shared by Spirit and the Divine depending on the energy at the time and those present in the circle - no two events are the same and will be exactly what those who attend need.  You may be asked to focus on a current issue or area of your life where you would like to experience a shift and manifest change, whether around home, love, relationships, family, career, business, finances, health and well-being, life purpose or your spiritual path, to help you:

Gain clarity on any challenges, difficulties and problems you may be experiencing

Connect more deeply with your authentic self, your intuition, the Universe, Spirit, your partner and others

Experience an energetic shift whether transforming a limiting belief, story or pattern holding you back and sabotaging your progress

Clear, heal and surrender any emotion coming to the surface that is weighing you down and keeping you in struggle

Let go of resistance blocking you from taking actions towards what you desire

Understand how you can focus your energy so you attract situations, experiences and relationships aligned with what you want in life

Learn tools and techniques to support you in following Divine nudges at the right time to create momentum towards easily manifesting your dreams

Opening to synchronicities and receiving resources, support and love you desire

Plus much more ….

Ready to take a look into your Soul Mirror, experience a shift and transformation in your life so you begin consciously and confidently manifesting what you desire?  Then reserve your space in the next Mirror of the Soul® Event! 

Kick off your shoes and join Leanne for the next Mirror of the Soul® Manifesting Event for only $55 to be held on:

Date & Time:  To be advised

Venue:  To be advised

Once you have reserved your space, you will receive a further confirmation email within 48 hours of your booking with full details about your Mirror of the Soul® Manifesting Event.  



The Mirror of the Soul Event with Leanne, was a truly incredible life changing day.  Over the past few years, I have actively been 'working' on myself, healing after so many experiences in my life. However, in all the years I have been reading books, taking courses, attending workshops and retreats, I have never had an experience such as I had on this retreat.  The shift and transformation I went through was something I have never felt before, Leanne tapped into the very part of me that needed to be released in order for me to move forward and live my life.  After nearly 50 years, the breath that I took felt whole. The anxiety I have always felt in my life left my body. I have stopped biting my nails and I am now breathing deeply, no longer afraid 'to breathe'.  I received amazing messages from Leanne, and the energy created within the group provided the love and support needed to really, truly honour ourselves and be honest without the fear of judgement.  This event was a life changing day, so many things in my life have changed since, especially the way I am in the world and the way I react differently to certain situations and people.  Thank you again Leanne for providing the space, knowledge, wisdom and support to finally heal and embrace life.


Thank you Thank you Thank you for reminding me of my truth and that I am worthy of being adored.  Working with the adoring vibration picked me up and swept me away have had a magic whirl wind 24 hours bouncing in many circles feeling adored and supported and having fun yeah!


Just wanted to reach out and say thank you again for the circle. I had a wonderfully raw, honest and humbling experience and it was exactly what I needed. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you. I needed the support, love and gentle push from both you and Jules to express where I was at and give it physical voice finally instead of continuing to bottle all that up!!!  So looking forward to the next one you host.


Wow! What an epic space of learning, healing, growing! Leanne and Jules facilitating the Mirror of the Soul Event and holding space in such a beautifully grounded, respectful and compassionate way made me feel incredibly safe, something I really needed to feel in order to be open and vulnerable and trust the process.  They explained the processes involved every step of the way, gave clarity, insights  and new perspectives on specific situations and patterns we were each facing and they did it in such a beautiful and simple to understand way, making it so much easier to land and process what was being said. I know it has created a huge shift within me and I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to be a participant. 

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