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Connect with your Soul Mirror Activation


Congratulations for taking the step to join my Connecting with your Soul Mirror Activation where you will be taken on a profound and life changing journey to connect with your heart, intuition and the Universe to support you in manifesting what it is you need, want and desire in life.

Kick off your shoes because your journey to transform your energy, understand how to align with your desires, gather practical tools and techniques to help you manifest what you want in life begins here ...

If you are struggling, experiencing challenges or difficulties and you need additional support to heal, clear, shift or transfom along the way feel free to reach out and book a Mirror of the Soul® Alignment session with me below:


Meditate at home

Ho'oponopono Clearing


This Ho'oponopono Process is an ancient Hawaiian practice, helps clear negativity from the mind and thoughts, clearing blocks keeping you miserable and stuck as well as remove stress, release guilt, grudges and regrets so you can experience peace, harmony, happiness and joy.  Duration: 18:37

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Release & Let Go


This Release and Let Go Meditation has been included to help you relax, go within, release any thoughts, emotions or events taking place in your physical world which no longer serve you so you can move forward on your journey. Duration: 29:28

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Connect with your Soul Mirror


Download and save your Connect with your Soul Mirror Workbook to your computer. Use this to complete each of the practical exercises and activities as you go through the program, typing information into the spaces about your experiences as well as about any insights you receive as a result.

Download HERE
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Manifesting & Aligning


This Manifesting and Aligning Meditation supports you to consciously connecting with your Manifesting Guide, clear, shift and transform lower vibration energy into high, positive vibrations as well as set intentions for manifestation so that you can align with the grid of worthiness and receive the flow of abundance.  Duration: 29:28

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Connect with your Soul Mirror

Discussion Board

Feel free to post in the private discussion group any general comments, insights, shifts or transformations experienced as a result of this activation to support you in manifesting what you need, want and desire in life.

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Thank You


I trust you enjoyed this Activation and gained powerful insights to transform your energy, align with your desires as well as practical techniques to help you manifest what you want in life! I would love it if you could take a few minutes to share below a testimonial about how this activation helped you so others know what you found valuable.

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