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Leanne, The Barefoot Medium

This channeled process will allow you to work with the Goddesses Isis, Venus, Aphrodite and Freya, to support you in getting clear with setting your intentions and visions around how it is that you want to experience more love, passion, sensuality and playfulness in your life, improve your partnership, attract the relationship and partner that you desire in your life. It is by no accident that you have come across this process as your soul is letting you know that you are now ready to step into the next level of your sacred journey of love in your physical world and to see, feel, know and experience and to come into union and connection with not only yourself but with another through love in beautiful and healthful ways.


Duration: 32:31 minutes

WARNING: Meditations are best experienced in a quiet, safe place free from distractions. Please refrain from listening to this meditation while driving.

Visions of Love, Passion & Playfulness with the Goddesses Meditation

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